Rejuvenate the appearance of your house or business efficiently and affordably from the ground up with magnificent hardwood flooring from our locally owned and managed shop.

Rely on our knowledgeable and friendly professionals to assist you choose the perfect flooring from our extensive assortment of hardwood flooring.

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showroom to discover a wide array of options for both commercial and residential flooring from the industry’s top brands.

As one of the very popular flooring shops in the area, we have developed a positive reputation among our many satisfied customers, who have recommended us highly and spread the news of our specialist support and economical products.

Our staff of flooring experts is proud to supply you the highest quality of goods in the very best producers in flooring. We’re always glad to assist you choose the best solution for your budget and personal design preference.

When you reach out for us to discuss your style ideas and the particular requirements that you have on your own project, we direct you toward the ideal color, design, and layout for your flooring.

Our hardwood floor styles combine timeless appearances with lasting performance and affordable prices.

We guarantee you a complete package that improves the appearance and value of any house or company. The inventory of our store features All the following hardwood flooring styles:


Discover the Ideal Hardwood Floor for Your Home or Business

With the support of our experienced professionals, choosing the right hardwood flooring has never been simpler or more enjoyable. We offer all the assistance and information necessary to guide you toward the appropriate flooring option for your commercial or residential property,

irrespective of how much you have planned ahead for your own project. Depend on our guidance every step of the way if you already know the specific style of flooring you’re looking for or you are just starting the makeover process and want help deciding on the proper floor.

Comprehensive Service includes Hardwood Flooring Installation

After our flooring experts have helped you to pick the best flooring for your project, we’ll gladly complete the procedure by visiting your property to present a hardwood flooring installation. Our comprehensive knowledge about each of the products and brands that we carry in our inventory makes sure that the installation procedure goes smoothly once we have eliminated your existing flooring.

This makes the process of installing much easier to finish, and guarantees a quicker and more efficient process from begin to finish.

All our hardwood flooring and installation solutions are backed by industry-leading guarantees, such as our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, which provides you the confidence you need to your lasting durability of your floor’s performance.

In addition, we provide financing choices with a program for a line of credit so you’ll have the ability to handle your financial investment through a payment plan that is tailored to your particular budgetary requirements. Be sure to secure your investment with the best possible look and durability when you turn to us for your brand new floor installation.

The Way to draw floor plans: A property photographer’s manual

Multi-skilled property photographers offer more than just their ability to take properties professionally. They understand how to give exceptional customer service, show off all of the best characteristics of a property at the best possible light, and supply accurate floor plans to accompany their own photography.

At KeyAGENTwe pride ourselves on the truth that our photographers have the entire range of abilities that a fantastic property photographer needs. Below are our finest practices for real estate photographers to keep in mind while drawing and drawing floor plans.

1. Kit yourself out with the Important equipment

Drawing floor plans is much more than only a sharp pencil and some engineering chart paper, but that is a good place to get started.

As well as this, you’ll want a tool to help you measure distances and measurements, like a laser measurer, and a compass so that you know which way is north. We’ve included the full list of items you’ll want in our downloadable guide.

2. Take your measurements consistently

In the interests of accuracy and uniformity when drawing a floor plan, take all of your measurements in precisely the same wall elevation, recording at least two dimensions for each chamber (more for non-standard shaped rooms). State all dimensions in yards, and round them up or down to the nearest centimetre.

3. Include every necessary detail

Including doors (including reference to swing direction and door type), windows, durable fittings, and tags for floor rooms and levels. Do not forget staircases, gardens and garages. Thick walls (> 0.5m), bathrooms, attics, low ceiling heights (<1.5m), chimney breasts and Huge fireplaces should all be noted down

Stepped changes in floor levels must also be expressed. Other features that we recommend to add in floor plans are assets to the property, including swimming pools, annexes and summer homes.

4. Learn and use the Right symbols

The more floor programs you draw, the more practice you will receive.

5. Always assess your floor plans

Once you’ve completed any drawing or sketch of a floor plan, it is time to recap, check and re-check everything in the contour to the scale along with your measurements. Also make certain that you’ve ticked off the things on our Floor Plan Checklist, included in our comprehensive guide.

Have you included everything?

Supplying floor plans is all about a high level of accuracy, so don’t be tempted to skimp or cut corners where accuracy is concerned.

When you have got to grips with the best practices and procedures behind drawing home floor plans, it’s pretty simple.

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